Decisive Point is pleased to announce its investment in SCOUT, Inc., the developer of in-space observation systems designed to safeguard orbital infrastructure. SCOUT, Inc. is changing the way that space operations can be done by building vision-based autonomy solutions for earth and space which let systems better identify and avoid risks and failures.

As the number of commercial space exploration, manufacturing, and launch initiatives continues to rapidly grow, space traffic will continue to grow by more than 40x by 2023. Spacecraft are currently flying blindly in an environment full of debris, bad actors, and unknown threats. Existing ground-based sensors cannot keep up with the growing defense and commercial space population.

Revolutionizing the space race

SCOUT is changing the way space operations are executed by building vision-based autonomy solutions for earth and space, enabling systems to better identify and avoid risks and failures through their SCOUT-Vision product, which has demonstrated 1000x better resolution compared to current capabilities.

SCOUT’s commercial product has been deployed in orbit since June 2021 through multiple ongoing paid commercial pilots. Most recently, Momentous, a leading in-space infrastructure company, has selected SCOUT to deliver spacecraft vision capabilities for its upcoming missions. SCOUT will provide Momentus with optical sensing and relative navigation capabilities to support rendevous and proximity operations (RPO) starting in 2022.

SCOUT has seen meaningful traction on the Department of Defense through engagements with USSPACECOM, NOAA, and Air Force. SCOUT participated in the TechStars Space Accelerator, won the title of Startup of the Year, Mass Challenge Gold Winner, and earned second place at the 2021 Hyperspace Challenge. The SCOUT team is led by experts in space systems, space intelligence, and remote sensing from USAF, USSF, NGA, NRO, and private industry.

Decisive Point is thrilled to be partnering with SCOUT to develop a new era of space safety and transparency, enabling humanity to become a spacefaring civilization.



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