Meet Decisive Point’s Newest Defense Venture Fellow

Q&A with Captain Tim Newton and Debi Jantzen of Decisive Point

Background: Tim leads the government team managing the design and construction of a fleet of new heavy icebreakers for the nation. As Decisive Point’s Defense Ventures Fellow, Tim is embedded with the Decisive Point team over the next two months to learn about how we invest in great founders addressing challenges facing the country and our communities.

  1. What motivated you to join the Shift Defense Ventures Fellowship Program?

2. What have been some of your initial thoughts about the venture space compared to your career in the public sector?

3. You’ve had a successful career in the Coast Guard, how has the environment/willingness for working with emerging technologies changed over the course of your career?

4. Looking towards the future, how do you anticipate using the skills and lessons learned during the fellowship program in your career in the Coast Guard?

5. THE GUTS TO TRY: Entrepreneurs and founders take on calculated risks when starting their business. In 2019, the failure rate of startups was a staggering 90%. What has been the biggest risk you have taken in your professional career, and what have you learned from it?



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Decisive Point

Decisive Point is a venture investment firm focused on technology for aerospace & defense, health & human services, energy, and critical infrastructure.