AI for the toughest problems in health and security

Decisive Point
3 min readMar 10, 2022


Decisive Point is pleased to announce its investment in Macro-Eyes, the developer of an artificial intelligence platform that identifies and predicts patterns to optimize supply chains, logistics, and resource allocation, as well as provide location and navigation capabilities in GPS-denied settings.

Artificial intelligence promises to revolutionize the way we interface with technology, especially in the fields of supply chain management and global health. Among many of its applications, AI is poised to revolutionize the way we interpret data, visually displaying insights and assisting leaders in making data-driven decisions for maximized global impact.

Today, many companies and governments lack adequate real-time understanding of their system readiness, infrastructure, human resources, materials, and supplies. Dashboards and central repositories must be built and maintained but often lack consistent and current data. Data collected today rarely includes predictive analysis that offers a more comprehensive view of an entire system.

Macro-Eyes’ solution

Macro-Eyes applies machine learning across images, numbers, words, and maps to extract insights when data is inconclusive or sparse. The platform sees, measures, and reports on the current state of supply chains and predicts demand and individual behavior at a given time. Focused on the healthcare industry, MacroEyes provides demand and behavior insights to health professionals and medical supply chain managers to maximize the deployment of treatments and care. Its analysis and prediction of patient patterns have streamlined delivery of care by providers such as Arkansas Heart Hospital, where Macro-Eyes’ insights helped the hospital cut the waiting period for treatment from 56 days to 12.

The Macro-Eyes AI platform provides supply chain intelligence by verifying stock levels in warehouses, optimizing the distribution of constrained resources, and predicting teh behavior of consumers. Macro-Eyes’ platform also delivers navigational and situational awareness technology for GPS denied environments.

AI for national security

Macro-Eyes has robust national security opportunities in AI and Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT). The Department of Defense is spending aggressively on artificial intelligence, and we expect the DoD’s appetite for AI solutions to increase in conjunction with growing needs related to supply chain management. Macro-Eyes is also positioned to leverage its customer discovery transaction to deliver its AI and PNT capabilities to interested stakeholders.

Macro-Eyes recently announced a partnership with the IDA foundation to increase supply chain efficiency using data insights generated by STRIATA: Macro-Eyes software for precision matching supply to demand, and was been awarded a grant by the Vaccine Confidence Fund to build and test a novel machine learning system to predict vaccine hesitancy among diverse communities in South Africa. The STRIATA technology has won the MIT Solve and Global Fund Prize for Pandemic Response technology to deploy STRIATA for pandemic response. STRIATA technology will be utilized at the national level for the Ministry of Health in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We are thrilled to partner with Macro-Eyes on their mission to make global critical infrastructure resilient and scale life-changing solutions for the world’s most vulnerable populations.



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