Lift Aircraft

Decisive Point is pleased to announce its investment in LIFT Aircraft, Inc., the developer of a lightweight electrical vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that allows for personal flight without the need for a pilot’s license.

The future of personal flight

LIFT is developing a unique personal flight experience through its ultralight single-passenger wingless multicopter. WIth a triply redundant autopilot computer and single control joystick, LIFT’s Hexa electric aircraft makes personal flight a reality while providing a clean and efficient way to travel. The LIFT experience includes a flight simulation, preflight inspection with ground crew, and flying lesson– all in less than one hour before taking off to experience personal flight.

LIFT’s Hexa aircraft, a single-passenger wingless multi-copter ultralight is semi-autonomous and its stability is accomplished by flight control computers. FLyers can use the single three-axis joystick or can engage an auto-pilot or remote control mode using a small touchscreen after training in LIFT’s virtual reality simulators.

Lifting transport to new heights

The LIFT team is made up of seasoned entrepreneurs and engineers from Boeing, NASA, MIT, Stanford, and the U.S. Air Force. The U.S. Air Force has identified LIFT as a leading eVOTL developer through the Agility Prime program, which seeks to bring eVTOL technology to defense mission sets, and LIFT is currently one of only three eVOTL companies with a certificate of airworthiness from the DoD. LIFT has already delivered two Hexa models to the Air Force Research Lab and currently has projects funded for autonomous heavy-lift (+500lbs) resupply and hybridization of engine motors aimed at increasing range and duration by 10x.

Commercial interest in LIFT’s technology is evidenced by strong demand for its experimental personal flight experiences, with over 4,700 flights booked and a waitlist with 15,000+ customers currently awaiting flight openings. With LOIs for 100+ aircraft from Saudi Arabia’s “Neom” future city and its first US vertiport scheduled to open next year, LIFT has a clear commercial path forward.

LIFT’s traction with the Air Force and success in the competitive Agility Prime program has positioned the company well to expand into the federal market, with over $2.5M in R&D contracts won to date and $10M in program demand, LIFT has become one of the stars of the Air Force’s innovation program.

Decisive Point is thrilled to partner with LIFT Aircraft to build the future of personal flight and support its growth in the federal market.



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