How biotech startups can leverage
non-dilutive capital to weather tightened private markets.

Don’t ignore the defense department

We support health startups all the time that aren’t aware of how much life science research and development funding the defense department has, some of it even dedicated to small businesses.

Focus on framing

Years ago, our firm discovered that if a founder’s mission and the needs and interests of the government align, then chances are the government will find a way to support it. In our experience, this happens sector-agnostically. But as a founder, it’s up you to describe your technology and applications in the most relevant way when competing for non-dilutive capital.

Make sure you want it

Non-dilutive capital from the government comes with a set of unique and unwritten challenges. Founders must first be willing to take the time to complete lengthy applications and need to plan accordingly. Application windows can be open for as little as two weeks so you should have materials ready.



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